I found another photo that I liked! It’s a little washed out but whatever.

Photo Credit- Cadney

When you want to give up


1. Remember why you started – what your reasons were. What was the “spark” that got you going, and inspired you to begin on the journey you are on?

2. List all the reasons why you can persevere, and make it to the end so you reach your goal. Remind yourself you have what you need to succeed.

3. Give yourself permission to give up if you choose. That reminds you that it’s you who is in control. You’re choosing to do this as it’s what you want to do.

4. Think of all the reasons why you should persevere – as that stops you focusing on why you should give up. What are the benefits? What will you gain? How will you feel when you’ve reached your goal?

5. Instead of concentrating on the struggle and the effort, focus all that energy on looking for solutions.

6. Recognise that success will require sacrifice. It’s always hard work, and every winner pays a price. “No pain no gain” is a basic truth in life.


Just a tiny Ponyo comic with a little older Ponyo and Sousuke.
These two are good for my heart.


Orion Nebula